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The first block of L1 is for trading.


What is Sei?

Is the industry's first Tier 1 blockchain designed for trading. Every aspect of the blockchain has been optimized to help exchanges perform better and offer a better UX to their end users. In simple terms, it is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on its own blockchain, built on top of Cosmos, specializing in decentralized finance trading.
Sei network
Atomic layout, all DeFi applications are built on the same network.

Social Coordination - a community with a single point of shelling

Customizability - easy customization of your app

IBC - full compatibility with other cosmos blockchains.

Prevention of outperformance.

Built-in oracles.
Advantages and
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In a traditional exchange market, CLOB is essentially an exchange execution method in which buy and sell prices are matched according to price and time priority. Thus, this model allows all users to interact with each other rather than through an agent. This feature is inherently decentralized.

Sei aims to use the CLOB system as the basis for its technology. CLOB currently exists mostly on centralized exchanges (CEX), but Sei Network wants to implement the popular CLOB model in DeFi to provide transparency and optimize transactions with slippage...
(Central Limit Order Book)
What is CLOB?
Proprietary order matching mechanism: providing scalability for DEX order book on Sei.
Breaking Tendermint: Sei is the fastest endpoint - 600 milliseconds.
Twin-Turbo consensus mechanism: increase
propagation speed + optimize block processing.
DeFi-Specific parallelization: significantly increase speed and number of blocks processed.
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Technical breakthrough.

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Sei uses the wasmd module to make it easy for developers. Developers can use the Rust-based CosmWasm library to create decentralized applications. This gives developers many advantages:

CosmWasm is used in many blockchains. It is a very stable library with no bugs and a vast ecosystem of developers.

CosmWasm was created to solve many of the development problems faced by other ecosystems. It is simpler than developing on Solana and offers better security guarantees than Solidity.
Wasmd module
How does it work?
The module allows Cosmwasm smart contracts to use the underlying CLOB to provide high liquidity.

Sei Network has an Oracle module to support asset exchange rate pricing for use by other modules and contracts. When analyzing order data, participation as Oracle is required to provide the most reliable and accurate asset pricing.
Smart contracts.
The Sei Network